Speaking at Build Stuff Vilnius November 2017

My talk “SOA lessons learnt (OR Microservices done better)” was accepted to Build Stuff Vilnius November 2017 I’m really excited to have this opportunity!

If you want to get a 100 euro discount (helps a charitable cause):

May 24th 2017 Speaking at Microservices Dublin Use Group

Around for the 24th of May in Dublin?

Why not come say hello?

I’ll be giving a new talk called “Successfully Decomposing Your Monolith or UpdateUser Means Nothing To Me” I’m going to try and help with “How do I decompose domain?” and how can we design and build better software

Speaking at Codemotion Milan 25-26 November

I’ll be speaking at Codemotion Milano November 2016, I’ll do my “Microservices done right (or SOA lessons learnt)” talk.

My dear friend Mauro Servienti is running a workshop at Codemotion Milano, I’ll be his wingman :-)

Hope to see you there!